coiffeur: (arrogant ❚ id rather date a spider)
koujaku ( 紅雀 ) ([personal profile] coiffeur) wrote2013-06-17 08:17 am
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➜ He's not a picky eater at all, but appreciates the amount of effort put into homemade food.
➜ Enjoys tropical weather and is terrible with the cold.
➜ He really does try to look cool and sauve for appearances. It helps business and with the ladies.
➜ He got into hairstyling because of his mother and working with women -- he thought it was a way to spoil women.
➜ He really likes red due to the meaning behind the color and its intensity. Aoba thought of him as a hero, and red in Japan is associated with heroes. Love, anger, passion -- all of that is what's inside of him even if the keeps a cool demeanor 90% of the time.
➜ He names things after himself, which usually means red or sparrows.

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