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Player: Kim
Age: 23
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Characters Name: Koujaku (紅雀)
Age: Never stated, but he's older than Aoba (23), but they were childhood friends so he can't be that old. I put him around 25-28.
Canon: DRAMAtical Murder
Canon Point: End of common route, after talking to Aoba.
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Orientation: Technically bisexual, but heavily leaning towards women. Koujaku, while in a BL game, is shown as a playboy type of character who is quite the womanizer (despite saying all women are treasures, but he admits, he has a hard saying no to a woman). Only if Koujaku's route is taken that his true feelings fully emerge and come to the surface. He states he's loved Aoba since they were kids, but he tried to squash his feelings since they were 1) for his best friend 2) for his male best friend 3) he didn't want to mess up what they had. Then there is the scene Koujaku references during his confession, but it occurs in the common route, where he finds Aoba physically attractive when he sees him sleeping. It's also mentioned if he does become lovers with Aoba, that he's never been with another man or fooled around with men -- Aoba is the exception. Even if Koujaku's route isn't played, it's still hinted strongly that Koujaku didn't kill himself because of Aoba before they reunite in the game. So basically tldr; can be gay for Aoba which is awkward at first because he really likes women.

History: Wikia + Resource post
Appearance: 123
Personality: Initially Koujaku is introduced as a ladies man who has fangirls around him. He opens saying that women are, "treasures of the world, and refusing one is something he simply cannot do." essentially. It seems like Koujaku is quite the charmer who enjoys social interaction and company quite a bit -- a foil to Aoba's personality. He seems like that cool, suave guy most guys want to be and whom women want to be around. When it comes to women, it seems his charms extend more than just words, and his "special" clients might end up swooning over him even more so. As a hairdresser, he's known to, "take women to heaven" as he works on their hair. He's a freelance hairdresser, but even then, he seems to have a cult following among the women of Midorijima. There always seems to be at least two women around him, latching onto his arm or walking beside him. It's not just the women, though, as some men find Koujaku a pretty awesome guy (if they don't get angry about all the women flocking to him, that is). Due to being a good fighter, quite charismatic, and strong, Koujaku gained a following of rib fighters. His gang, called Benishigure, aren't just about fighting. They also help locals out and do community service, which of course is headed by Koujaku. It seems wherever he goes, people gravitate towards him. He does really try to seem cool, even in front of Aoba. He's also able to say some rather corny lines and get away with it (unless it's around Aoba) due to his charisma and good looks. Aoba seems to be the only one who can see past it, or maybe Koujaku is so corny that he shuts all his attempts down.

As mentioned above, Koujaku looks out for the people living in his gang's territory. He hates Yakuza with a great passion due to his childhood and being the former heir to a Yakuza clan. He's willing to work with the corrupt cops in Midorijima because they can be paid off and some aren't too bad. When introduced to Virus and Trip, Koujaku takes an immediate disliking to them once Aoba reveals they are Yakuza (and Aoba stated they are friends, which seemed to unnerve Koujaku even more so). He comments on not liking people who can't negotiate, too, or be fair. Even though he seems like a calm, collected cool guy, if someone rubs him wrong, he isn't going to be shy about it. Still, it's hard to rub him wrong according to him (Aoba just seems to collect too many weirdos to handle). He's seen getting angry at those who hurt and threaten Aoba for the most part. It's hard to calm him down once he gets really worked up, which ties into his tattoos. Once provoked, there's no turning back, and this is often seen in his confrontations with Noiz in the game and during the latter point in his route. It's very possible that Koujaku has selectively shown Aoba certain sides of himself and hid others, so Aoba's impression might not be the most accurate. It's pretty apparent Koujaku holds and keeps his grudges for a long time, but he's not going to let his grudge interfere with helping Aoba. While it takes Aoba's ability, SCRAP, to calm Koujaku several times throughout the game, in the game's true route, Koujaku works with the others to help Aoba save Ren and Midorijima despite having their differences.

Koujaku has many shades to him, and most are outer shells used to protect those close to him. He rather suffer silently than have those he cares about hurt or even in danger. He wants to protect those who are close to him, as he doesn't want them to suffer the way he has. Deep down Koujaku is guilt ridden over the murder of his mother, and this guilt has shaped how he "protects" those important to him. He's an extremely private person who uses his outer layers to reassure those close to him and even strangers/acquaintances that he's happy and doing well. While it's unsure how much his outer personality is a facade, it's clear its purpose is to keep a distance between him (and essentially his past) and those around him. He often uses his outgoing personality to gather information, too. The only person he seems to relax around is Aoba, who he's able to be more of himself around. He smokes in front of Aoba and is able to enjoy some peace and quiet. He genuinely cares and worries about Aoba throughout the common route, checking up on him and investigating leads. When Aoba is pulled into a "drive by" -- a Rhyme game where one person is pulled into the battle field unwillingly or without consent -- he goes to investigate this occurrence, but he doesn't reveal to Aoba this, not wanting him to worry or be concerned.

The reason for him and Aoba naturally getting along well is probably due to their childhood friendship, but the trust for the most part is one way during the common route when it comes to private affairs. While he trusts Aoba to take care of himself and make the right decisions (not that he doesn't worry or isn't concerned), Koujaku doesn't let Aoba gain too much insight into his own struggles. This becomes a major point in his route, as Aoba realizes that he really doesn't know much about Koujaku and Koujaku's trust in him isn't on par with his trust in him. Koujaku's main reason for coming back to Midorijima is to protect Aoba and start anew. Living in Midorijima again was a way for him to escape the darkest parts of his past, but his tattoos are a constant reminder of what happened. He's also trying to seek out revenge upon Ryuuhou (man who gave him his tattoos). He's stuck in this limbo, to say, between moving on and being stuck in the past. Another reason why Koujaku doesn't open up to Aoba could easily be the fact Aoba thought of him as a hero, and he thought if Aoba knew his violent past, Aoba would turn away from him and no longer be his friend. Also he mentions when he sees Aoba again after all those years being separated, while Aoba thought he was mostly the same, Koujaku realized how much Aoba had grown up and changed (which isn't a bad thing). It goes to show while they are comfortable with each other on the outside, they still have many issues between them that need to be resolved. Still, they're naturally friendly and comfortable with each during the common route. Koujaku seems to be a close person to Aoba and even Aoba's grandmother (as Aoba said Tae probably thought of Koujaku like a second grandson).

If his route his chosen, Koujaku finally gets the reassurance he needs from Aoba and Aoba is able to help him deal with the burdens of his heart and past. After they become lovers, there are tensions and an awkwardness about their feelings. After all, Koujaku worried about his feelings towards Aoba because he didn't want to ruin their renewed friendship. Yet it's clear to him he wants more and that he's fallen in love with Aoba. After an awkward confession, he explains how he's not sure where the lines in the sand are about their friendship and now being lovers, but they've crossed the point of no return to being strictly platonic. It takes time for them to figure out their new relationship, as it's easy for them to act like best friends one moment, fumble into awkward romantic moments in another, and then have moments where they're clearly lovers. Also in his route, his sentimental side comes out. It's mentioned in a side story that he thinks "love" is the best spice/ingredient in food and even when Aoba baked him a failed cake, he still loved it. In the route's epilogue, it's stated that he cut Aoba's hair and kept the remainder of his hair in a box. While Aoba thinks that it's extremely creepy, Koujaku reveals how much Aoba's hair means to him and to please let him do this.
Abilities: Koujaku is shown as being a competent, strong fighter. He could easily fall into the badass normal trope. He does have some extra abilities, though. In the game, it alludes to the tattoos granting him powers and extra strength. Once the tattoos take over him, he 1) can be controlled by Ryuuhou 2) turns into this. The tattoos seem to have a life of their own, too and can change colors and grow. In the band end, this is shown to be depicted like this. It seems if he gets very, very angry the tattoos can take over his mind and cause him to turn into his "other" form. This isn't seen until his route until the very end, so it's not a common occurrence where he randomly just hulks out. He also knows how to use his sword well, as he's seen carrying it around most of the time.


First Person:

test drive meme

Third Person:

There was a time where he wishes he could start over and pretend what happened on the mainland with his mother never happened. When he returned to Midorijima, he had the chance at another start, and he was doing quite well for himself as a freelance hairstylist and Rib player. Now that he's arrived here, things are different once again. No matter where he ended up with Aoba, the promise he made years ago to protect him wouldn't be nullified. While this place seemed peaceful, who knew what the true intentions of the Landlord was. The timing of being taken from Midorijima and placed here... he wondered if there was some sort of connection between Toue and this all. After all, Tae just explained the ability Aoba had. While he always knew something different about Aoba, he never thought it'd be anything like that. Those years apart from each other, it seems a lot of things happened to them. At least with Aoba he wasn't able to remember, but Koujaku couldn't ever forget or let go. While he made one of his main purposes in life to protect Aoba, he still was looking for the man who gave him these cursed tattoos. He couldn't let go, and part of wouldn't let go because he wanted revenge and a way to channel out his anger.

He knew he wouldn't be able to find Ryuuho here, and he was so close. He knew Mizuki had met up with Ryuuho, and he was so close to catching that bastard. With Mizuki being out of commission and not even being with them here, it set him back way more than he wanted. He decided to focus his attention on Aoba, as he could at least keep that promise. While things seemed peaceful, he still had reservations to say the least. They were trapped here, and from what he could father, people came from a variety of different worlds. He wasn't sure how it was possible, but maybe this went on much deeper than he initially thought at first. He tried to gather information about this place without stirring up too much attention. Most of the people who were in Holly Heights had very unique circumstances and or abilities from what he could tell.

While the convenience of not having his coil and Beni were felt quickly, he still thought about returning home for the sake of Aoba and Midorijima. If what Tae said was true, and he believed it, then Aoba would have to be the one who have to go into Platinum Jail. If that was the case, he would whatever he could to help. While his mind drifted to the past when they were childhood friends at times, the Aoba he saw was a grown man. Not that disliked that, no, he's quiet proud of what Aoba has become. Worrying about Aoba is reflexive to him, though. Maybe it was reflexive because he had very few things to actually live for, and being there for Aoba was one of them. While he enjoyed life on Midorijima, and it wasn't too bad here, the guilt and burden chipped and ate at him still no matter where he was. He already told Aoba that no matter where they were, he'd be there for him. This was true, and he would hold to it no matter how he was feeling. Keeping himself busy with starting up a business and meeting the local women around here served as a distraction, at least.

Housing Request?: 1457, 1463, or 1482 with Aoba applicant if possible!
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