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You've reached Koujaku, but it seems I have missed your call. Please leave a message and I'll return your call as soon as I can. ❞

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Koujaku takes private hairstyling appoints. Feel free to comment using the text area box and assume there's been something hand-waved (NOT OPEN YET) 
He loves presents and letters!!

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[text] pretend i arrived late with...mountain dew?.... bout that scary event shit

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OI KOUJAKU! YOU'RE OKAY, RIGHT? you havent run into any trouble or anything dangerous besides noiz's fists right
cause idk if youve seen it but some...really grissly, awful things happened to some good people...and i just need to make sure you guys are okay
you better get back to me or i'll...i' a german supplex on you, dammit!
please be okay

if you actually ran into his fists and are fighting again im gonna kick both your asses though
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oh thank god
thanks for getting back to me! thank you for being okay, too. i'm so relieved, ugh. we're all fine too, nothing happened to anyone i know...but you're right, its tragic and unacceptable. the future is up in the air now...depends on what choices people make too, i guess.
anyway, the same goes to you! you're a grown man who can obviously throw another grown tasteful clothing repressed man out a window so i know you can take care of yourself but...if you ever run into any trouble, you give me a ring.
or even if things get to be too much and you want someone to talk to, i'm here for you too.

mmm, i cherish your concern too. but i am going to let my heart worry about you guys! you're my friends and that's what friends do! jeez, what is it with you men and telling me about my's not just a teen girl thing you know

i've been doing great, yeah! a friend of mine from home got here awhile ago and i've been trying to help him out, doing stuff with new friends...keeping myself busy. i'm really sorry i haven't gotten back to you about stuff like hanging out or even just talking! i shouldn't have been too busy to check up on ya. so i've got my eye on you much better this time, yup! all the rahzel-tan attention you could need. what have you been up to? got a whole row of girls on your arm yet?