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Beni is Koujaku's allmate and named after him, too. An allmate is a robotic companion in DRAMAtical Murder that has a variety of abilities. Allmates come in a various models, usually animals, and this case Beni is a bird/sparrow model. In canon, Beni can connect to Koujaku's coil (cell phone), fly, navigate/gps, and has a "connection" to Koujaku (weird brain stuff idk man nitro+chiral is weird).

Beni does have his own personality, though. He has some personality traits from his owner, and that rubs off on him. He's a tsundere type of character, and he enjoys the company of pretty women. If he's friendly with someone, he's very relaxed, casual, and down to earth. He likes having a good time from what's shown in canon, and he's a lot more knowledgable about human social interactions than some of the other allmates. He can be extremely defensive and has a Napoleon complex. He'll pick fights, speak in a rather rough way, and won't back down. He's a very good friend, though, and he's pretty cute when embarrassed. He has traits that come with being a little sparrow, as he's known puff and ruffle his feathers when upset/angry. He also has a fear of fireworks which is pretty adorable.

So yes! Beni is not a stationary robot and can interact with others. He's usually by Koujaku, but he can fly and doesn't mind meeting others. If you have any more questions, you can drop them here! Also if you'd like to interact with Beni, this is also a post where you can ask, too.

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